In this site we aim to unveil the glory of Jesus. This is a place where living words are displayed from those whose life is Christ.

Today the Holy Spirit is unveiling the glory of Jesus in astonishing clarity. All who chose may come and drink of His water of life.

As the Spirit motivates men and women of God to lift Jesus up, Jesus Himself draws all who believe into Himself. Each person who is hidden in Jesus is revealed as their authentic self. They begin to glow in the glory of their real identity.

In Him they assume their place as sons. They are bathed in His love and grace. They become equipped to represent the Father in the world as the unique sons and daughters of God they are - God's kings and priests.

To be truly loved is to be loved and affirmed into your unique identity as a son of God. To love another is to know them as they are and to nurture them into becoming more fully themselves.

This simple message is being declared by genuine fathers in the church. Father's who mentor sons. We exist to pass on this message. The message is that in the Father we are the sons and daughters of God who multiply His Kingdom.

A candle glows with reflected light. The flame atop the candle is the light. With Christ as our life we become light itself. Not the keepers of the flame but the flame that is alive and alight.

Those who burn brightly for Jesus today do not teach about Christ so much as express His life. He is their life!


We borrowed the name for this website from a powerful talk
and subsequent booklet by Frank Viola based on Colossians 2, entitled
Epic Jesus.
The saga of the world and the story of the Everlasting Gospel of resurrection and life is the story of Jesus - epic Jesus.