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People Taught by God


To know Jesus is to know the Father.


This woman defines liberty; she embodies freedom.


‘They read the Word without seeing Jesus in it and they become zealous for the law. They end up unknowingly seeking to make themselves righteous by the law. Legalism is very subtle and insidious.

Many legalists are unaware that they are trapped in legalism. They would never admit they are legalists and may even preach strongly against legalism.

There are also people who attack the gospel of grace because they are blinded by their zeal for the law and how man needs to make himself better
through right doing. I truly believe that many of them are genuine and sincere; nevertheless, they are sincerely wrong.’

Joseph Prince in
The Power of Right Believing.

Sadly, people can preach about being sons instead of slaves, yet plod along in the law that makes slaves out of sons. People can be legalists because of their doctrine or because that is the tendency of the fleshly heart. There is a radical difference between the old and the new covenant. In the old it was obey and live. But in the new it is live and obey. That is allow Christ to be your life, live in Him and allow Him to express His life through you.

If, so to speak you have your foot in a legalistic performance activity, you place yourself in the old covenant. Here you are back in the Ten Commandments and smothered in the law of sin and death. You have allowed yourself to be captured in the knowledge of good and evil and its stink of death. You stumble about under the authority of Satan and the curse. Who needs that? No one. You have been transported from darkness to light. Live in the arms of the Father where He has placed you! You belong to the realm of resurrection and light – Jesus.


Pr.Bernard and the gospel team during their ministry at Thiruvannamalai district, spent some time with the Lord seeking His guidance to visit a new village and take to the Gospel to the people there. As usual, the Holy Spirit strengthened and enabled the team to visit a new village called ‘Modipaatu’.

While praying for the ministry earlier in the morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to Pr.Bernard that there will open doors in the village and Church will be planted there. With that boldness and conviction, Pr.Bernard took the team along encouraging them to minister to the people there.

Yes, it was true, God really opened doors for the team to minister there as the people were very receptive and hospitable. After making some house visits, the team made some friends in the village and later kicked the gospel meeting off in a hurry. Many people were there at the meeting and it was great to see them listen to the Gospel very keenly while preached by Pr.Bernard.

The team will be planning on to make another immediate visit to the village to conduct another meeting and thereby plan to plant a Church in the village in the near future. It is good to make use of the time and the support of the local people to plant a Church there which is the need of the hour.
Pr.Bernard and the team really feel the urgency to minister to people in villages where there no Churches and plant Churches in a great urgency.
Pastor Bernardshaw, Ambattur, Chennai, India.

Our relationship with Jesus is personal not a generality. Ministry with Him follows His pattern - doing what He is doing now. Jesus will lead us personally through clear impressions, messages in dreams and visions. None need walk in the dark. Those following Jesus will never walk in darkness. To make Him our life and our mentor is to walk in amazing fruitfulness



I am not willing to spend my time on teaching that does not find it’s source and being in Him. Read More...


“The ultimate conflict of man is the one that began with the
first two brothers, and this began with the sacrifice. Cain
brought the fruit of his own works, and Abel brought the
blood from the sacrifice of the lamb.

This remains the point of all the conflict that has unfolded, and that will
soon culminate in the last battle. "You [addressed to the author] must do the same in your time that I did in my time. You must confront the false religions, the false worship, and all that is based on the works, sacrifices, and self-righteousness of men. You must confront it by standing on the works of God. The cross is your message. It is the banner that those who serve the Lord, and not just themselves, will gather under.’”

Rick Joyner,
The Path, Chapter 2.

I once read a book entitled ‘Prophets and Kings.’ It could be summarized in one sentence. ‘They should have tried harder.’ This is not the gospel of Christ. It is a false gospel of law and works.

The issue today is the issue that was in the beginning. Today it is will Believers live in God through His provision of Jesus or will Believers live in themselves and their works? Will Christ be their life or will they be their life?

Some remain stuck in the laws of Moses. Others move about sluggishly in the man-made expectations of institutional religion. But God lumps law, letter and flesh under the one heading: lawlessness. NONE FOR WHOM JESUS IS NOT THEIR LIFE CAN KEEP THE LAW. When Jesus is our life we live in grace, Spirit and in truth. We worship God. But no matter how noble we may imagine ourselves to be, when we live from our works we ignore Jesus in favour of ourselves.

The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness’ Matt 13.41, NASB.


"The nearer we come to the presence of the person of the Father in heaven, the clearer our spiritual sight and our perception of spiritual realities become.”

Anna Rountree in
Heaven Awaits the Bride.

Father God deployed a plan that He knew could not work. But nevertheless a plan that would lead us to His Son and more. It would result in Jesus living in us by the Spirit, becoming our life by the Spirit and being the new and living way to His Father heart.

In the old covenant religion directed us to life. In the new covenant life is Jesus Himself. He is the Way into the Father’s light. This is why remaining in the old covenant and flailing about in religious activity leaves us dim of perception and poor in discernment. By living in Jesus we come to the light.