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February 2014



"To be changed into the image of the Lord, you must
see His glory with an unveiled face. Excuses are the
biggest veil that keep people from seeing Him as He is,
and from seeing themselves as they are. Those with this
veil do not change. Even if they see His glory it is
distorted through the veil they wear, so they are not
changed by it.
If you keep this humility it will not take
long to get you ready for your purpose."

Rick Joyner,
The Path.

The clarity that is required is life in the Spirit. The condition spoken of here reminds me of a friend who enjoys an occasional anointing but walks mainly in the fuzziness of letter and religion.

The battle today is for Believers; for the people He has already won. It is for people who are living in the old covenant when they have been given a new and living way; for people who are confined to spiritual wheel chairs when they have the wings of eagles.

If you find you are living an old covenant life be quick to correct it. Don’t just plod on. Humility is being teachable, amenable to change and dependent on the Holy Spirit. Many think they are on the path of life but have long departed from it. Consequently their best efforts release that subtle form of death called
iniquity rather than life.

The power of God is the cross and those who live the life of the cross will live in power.

To be changed you must see Him with an unveiled face. Excuses, rationalisations,
identities other than Jesus are veils that prevent us seeing Him as He is and thus becoming who we are.

The victory over sin and death is to walk with God. No matter what, you can and must walk with Him. This is the victory that overcomes the world.