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T.F Torrance wrote, “We are united to Christ who is bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh, and participate in the risen Humanity of Christ so that we are bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.” 

This is the incarnation, the meaning of the Lord’s Table and the expression of our lives as Christ come in the flesh. He is not helping us do religion, keep the law or pull together a character inventory. A character is not something you will take to heaven. You will take you to heaven.

Over thirty years ago I read an insightful book entitled, ‘
The Meaning of Persons.’ I cannot remember every detail but the stand-out feature of the book was that persons are supreme, that God is personal and that He has invested Himself in personhood. This is a useful insight especially when we understand that ‘religion’ and legalism in particular, will divest us of personhood and leave behind the husk of the self. We will stagnate in the illusion that this husk is our real self and a ‘pleasing to god self’.

Long story short, Jesus is the meaning of persons and indeed is the meaning of you.


The truth that is both stranger than fiction and better than fiction is that God is less interested in our being a bunch of good qualities but is supremely interested in our becoming the ‘self’ God has created us to be. Jesus appeared to a man in vision. He was not a Christian or some kind of a holy Joe. Just a ‘someone’ in whom God was interested because he was a person.

Jesus said
‘Fred, how have you been going with your life.
Fred began to list all his achievements.
This made Jesus laugh and He said, ‘ No, no. How have you been going in being you?’


This is the nature of genuine sonship. You can be an alienated son in the law but a son in spirit and truth with Christ as your life.

Sons and the kingdom of sons, is the core of the Kingdom and the nub of life. Eternal life is to know God, to know Jesus Christ whom God has sent and thereby to know yourself. This is the path to becoming you – to becoming a son/daughter in spirit and in truth. Sons advance the Kingdom. Slaves and workers hinder it.


It was Thomas Merton, the Cistercian monk, who first suggested the use of the term False Self. He did this to clarify for many Christians the meaning of Jesus’ central and oft-repeated teaching that we must die to ourselves, or “lose ourselves to find ourselves” (Mark 8:35).

This quote has caused much havoc and push back in Christian history because it sounds negative and ascetical, and it was usually interpreted as an appeal to punish the body. But its intent is personal liberation, not self-punishment. Centuries of Christians falsely assumed that if they could “die” their spirit would for some reason, miraculously arise
.” (1)

Of course their spirit does not rise and they become dead folks walking or as minister of religion dead folks talking.


I have seen Christians take offence when confronted by the idea that who they have made themselves to be is not their real self and not a life-giving self.

Our dress, our appearance and our accomplishments in the world
are us of course. They are a self. But they are not the core of who we are. Your real self is found, revealed and established in relationship to Jesus, which is to say in encounter with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


It is in the company of God that you are known as you are. It is here where you receive the identity that is yours. It is in companionship with Father than you are mentored in being yourself and equipped to take your place in the advancement of the Kingdom. This is real sonship mentoring.

If we are not born again and remain content to be a religious clone, we cannot become ourselves. We may acquire a bunch of characteristics that are called ‘good character’ yet essentially never become ourselves because we have not been propelled out of Adam’s life into the life of Jesus.

The life of Jesus is the life of you in God and God as your life.

This is what Jesus was getting at when He said, ‘Unless you are born again you cannot see the Kingdom of God.’ We cannot see ourselves and neither do we see Jesus and His Kingdom with any clarity.
“Life is not a matter of creating a special name for ourselves, but of uncovering the name we have always had.”  (2)

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