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If you have been insulated from God, because you live in an ideology or the casket of externalities you will be immune to most of life. But not so impervious that you are beyond resurrection.

If Jesus has touched your life – and He has touched many good folk who do not know His name – you will desire to be a better you. You will desire to be whole and healed in your being. You will seek to be your true self and progressively come to see that there is a false self that is not actually you but the shadow of you, that is a construct of the knowledge of good and evil and the life that is not Christ your life.

Apart from a real life in Christ we are immune to life. Yet not so immune that our spirit and soul do remonstrate inside our being to be heard and awakened from their coma. Our inner person or spirit man/woman has an affinity with God and the real you that it inherited from God and which is used by God to speak truth to your false self. Genuine holiness is not piety or religiosity. It has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with your origins in the trinitary and your destiny as a daughter and a son. Real Christianity is never about externalities and conformity to precepts. It is the expression of the I AM of God in the I am of you. Holiness is about undiluted life in the joy of your real self.

How can I be more holy?” We don’t have to make ourselves holy. We already are, and we just don’t know it. In Christian terminology it is called the Divine Indwelling or the free gift of the Holy Spirit. That proclamation, and all that proceeds from it, is the essential, foundational, and primary task of all religion. Thus, authentic religion is more about subtraction than addition, more letting go of the false self than any attempt at engineering a true self. You can’t create what you already have.” (1)

Our first letting go of the false self is the beginning of our new birth – the start of our progress through many deaths to our false life in order that we might rise to our real self in the journey to increasing glory. Christ in you is the hope and the reality of glory. In the incarnation God manifests Himself by the Spirit as you and as us.

(1) Rohr, Richard. What the Mystics Know: Seven Pathways to Your Deeper Self . The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.