You need to know that God has saved all of you in Jesus. His life for yours covered more than your sins. It covered you. Your sins can never separate you from God. Never separate you because, since the cross you can never be separated from God – not unless you come under the influence of a gospel of lies. Even then you are not separated even if you think you are.

Grace is not an abstraction but a person – the Christ of God. You are not a compilation of rules and behaviours. If you were you would neither be fully human or fully alive. You are son/daughter of God. You are ‘sons’ because you have been re-born from the fragmented and ‘bitty’ sonship of Adam to the sons and daughters of God who are fully alive in Jesus.

Father does not love you on account of the degree of your transformation. He loves you because you are you. Nevertheless it is your union with God that makes you like Father in your nature. Graced perpetually in Him you have space to become yourself in the likeness of Jesus.

When you receive Jesus you receive His life and His relationship with Father. In actual fact, we don’t really ‘receive Him’ since we have already been received into His life in our Father. So receiving Jesus is coming to the realisation and agreement that we have already been included in the life of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We do not abide here temporarily - until we demonstrate once again that we are unworthy. We are here forever. Only Jesus is worthy because only Jesus lived that perfect life in His Father. No. Despite our ups and downs and oft repeated feeble and failed resolutions we belong forever.

In saving all of you Jesus has saved your history, past, present and future. He has saved you as you are – not as you should be or want to be. You are entirely graced by His Person and freed from the guilt of the law, the discouragement of poor performance and the oft committed sin. In His Son, Father has accepted you as you are and relates to you in the knowledge that who you really are is your person revealed in Jesus.

‘Nothing can separate you from the love of God’ means nothing can separate you from the presence of God. Father does not love you and keep you at a distance because of your sin. He loves you full stop. This love means He is in you and with you no matter what.

Many have lived in fear of wondering whether God has elected to accept them into his grand, eternal plan. Here's the good news: God isn't picking ,winners and losers; we have all been predestined to receive an inheritance as children, both Jew and Gentile. Therefore, the question is not whether God has chosen you (he already has), but whether you will choose him by believing, instead of trusting in your own works. The choice belongs to you. This isn't a work on our part but a simple response from the heart.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

We can agree that Jesus is entirely our life or we can continue to be engaged in making ourselves worthy of a life with Him. If we are locked into the latter we will reject His offered life in the Spirit, ignore Romans 8 and continue our performance mode attempting to find self – self-worth and dignity in self-effort. But we will always be searching for more – going from book to book, trudging from church to church, working in charity after charity. All because wherever we go and whatever we do, it is never enough. And it never will be.


But enough has already been done. Life for you was yours when Jesus cried, ‘It is finished! Your unrest and unlife will be finished for you when Christ is your life because you have agreed that He is. When you have eaten from His person. Those who eat Him will live in fatness of soul and aliveness of spirit that is Jesus.