I found this in a book by Don Atkin entitled, A Desperate World in the Hands of a New Creation. It's a quote from his colleague Stephen Crosby.

I just want real friends, who are real people. I am not trying to
accomplish any great thing in the earth. I am not trying to build a
church or a ministry. I am trying to live well and love well with
God and humanity, starting with my own wife and family. That is
a large enough challenge for me, a task for which my inadequacies
are ever before my eyes, and from which I am saved from being
hopelessly overwhelmed, only by the greater vision and hope of
Jesus as my redeemer, friend, and advocate.
I am just trying to live on this planet as one of God's sons. I find
this to be a completely full time preoccupation. It takes all my
time and energy just to live well as a son. I don't have time nor
energy for any of the things normally associated with ministry"
and church related activity" as it is typically expressed.
If the life of God flows out to others from a circle of friends with
whom I am in relationship, or with whom I am developing
relationship, that is just fine with me, but if life does not happen,
that is also fine with me.

There's only one way to be a real person. This is the new and living way of being real when Jesus is our life, when we are real because our life is the Son of Man. He is the only one who ever made a good fist of being really human. Why? He lived out of His Father and modeled the Spirit of Sonship.

When I was in India at the start of this year I ministered with several young and Spirit-filled pastors. The Lord used us to physically heal quite a few and minister the resurrection life of Jesus to many. We visited many of their churches, most of them held in large rooms in houses and some in your standard type church building. I am not a pastor or a prophet. Well not a pastor in the institutional sense. I do pastor people who willingly seek my mentoring for a period of time before going into their mature adulthood as daughters and sons.

These Indian pastors were very good at what they did. Being with them crystallized in my mind my own identity and purpose. I realised as I travelled about with them on India's busy roads and in the bustling and colourful cities that I was a representative of the life of Jesus and His kingdom but not a pastor like my friends. Running churches like they did was not for me. I have no desire to do that kind of thing and never have. My Mum hoped I would be a minister. I turned out to be one but not in the image of others.

I have always wanted to be a writer. When I got older and gained a personal relationship with the Lord I desired to teach the Kingdom. I sought to be a teacher who is a liberator of the bound in terms of Isaiah 61.1,2. Thirty years ago the Lord reached down and plucked me out of the toils of religion and placed me in captivity to Himself. Today I minister mainly on the Web. I live to set captives free, particularly those who don't know they are bound and who conscientiously yet blindly walk in forms of godliness without power. One of the saddest types of Believer is the Unbelieving Believer who is steeped in performance orientation yet without any understanding of the meaning of Romans 8. As such life in the Spirit is a puzzle and the resurrected life a mystery. I live so such people can see.

I got to be a writer at the end of my life. In the old creation one can spend years doing what one is really not. Only after retirement did I get to be a writer and minster of Christ's life and this only after Jesus and not religion had become my life. The genius of the Everlasting Gospel is that one loves God best by being oneself and living out the identity and purpose for which we were created. Imagine if the entire church did this. One day it will and a lot sooner than you think. This is our inheritance in the New Creation. But beyond us in the Old. In Adam any activity or project is dead in the water. In Jesus were are creators of life unto life. We live in the Spirit of Sonship and harvest sons for God by planting Jesus.

Cheese packets can carry the information, 'Best when removed from the refrigerator half an our before eating.' We minster best for the Father when we are out of the 'fridge of conformity' to something that is not Christ and are living in our real identity because Christ is our life. We minister authority and life when we are who we really are and not some one or something else