Father can never be seen as He really is in Adam because He cannot be know as He is through the lens of the knowledge of good and evil. Neither can He be known as He is while we live in old covenant mode. In this mode you cannot be a son.

Father is seen as Himself through the Jesus lens. If you have seen Jesus, you have seen the Father. Jesus Himself will never be seen as He is through the lens of performance, churchism or religion. But He can be seen through Himself thanks to the witness of the Holy Spirit. Father is also seen in the life of His daughters and sons - sons in Jesus who can say without presumption that they and the Father are one.

Your privilege as a new creation being is that you live in union with God. Distorted views of Father come from false prophets, false gospels and belief systems that are tares planted by the Enemy. But Father loves us so much that He has placed the seed of the tree of life in our hearts. If you respond to Him this tree will fill your whole being and the entire world.

Jeff Turner writes,

'He never stops speaking and seeking to bring your heart and mind into
alignment with truth. Even right now He shouts, "Anything you can't imagine being true of Me cannot be true of my Father either! Who I am is Who He is!"
He is the Sun of Righteousness and the Light of the World - the brilliant effulgence that pierces and pushes back the darkness of Adamic mythology. He sees the brokenness and hurt that lingers in the hearts of men and women - men and women who have been abused and crushed by their imagined angry God, and His heart aches for them to know and encounter truth. He desires that we'd cease in our attempts at turning God's frown upside down just long enough to hear His voice.

For His voice reveals that the Father is not angry, disapproving, distant, or disappointed. He's lovesick for His children, and wants nothing more than to take us in His arms, put our anxious thoughts to rest, and sing His songs of love and grace over us. It's time for every anxious and fearful heart to hear the
revolutionary Word that is Jesus, for His life, death, resurrection, ascension, and Spirit are all screaming out one central and eternal truth: God is love!
In Saints in The Arms of a Happy God.