Jesus did not come among us to manufacture another hoop or set of hoops for us to jump through to enjoy fullness of life. He is that life – infinite, eternal, fresh and surprising at every step. This life in the Spirit, this spirit of Sonship that lives in us and in which we live is far superior to any church routine or denominational position. It is a state of being called SONS OF GOD! All who agree that this is their inheritance own it. None who insist on living from law and performance can access it.

‘He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant--not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life’ 2 Cor 3.6 NIV.

Our life in Father is not “maybe.” It is emphatically yes. In Father we are sons and daughters of God certified by our embrace of Jesus Christ as our life. Jesus is not fractionally our life with the rest made up by law and good works. He is entirely our life with our being becoming more than we could ever have hoped. Any attempted life in performance is meager and illusory. None more so than hybrids and amalgams of old and new covenant expressed as ‘keeping close to Jesus.’ Our life is not the expression of how well we have kept close to Jesus. Our life is Jesus as our life. There is no dualism, no split personality in the gospel of the Kingdom. There is your union with God. This is our new and living way that is ‘yes and amen.’

Francois Du Toit unwraps the fullness of our life in our Father from Galatians as follows,

3:22 Scripture concludes that all men without exception are in the same
predicament, they are imprisoned to sin. Now faith brings the promise
of immediate release within everyone’s reach! Jesus Christ makes it
possible for all to believe what God believes concerning their
righteousness and restored innocence.

4:5 Jesus' mandate was to rescue the human race from the regime of
the law of performance and announce the revelation of their true
Sonship in God.

4:6 To seal our Sonship God has commissioned the Spirit of Sonship to
resonate the Abba echo in our hearts; and now, in our innermost being
we recognize him as our true and very dear Father.

5:1 Christ defines your faith; he is your freedom from anything the law
could never free you from! Find your firm footing in this freedom. Do
not let religion trip you up again and harness you to a system of rules
and obligations!

5:6 Love sets faith in motion. (It is easy for love to believe!)