“The Church needs to learn how to dive deeper into the knowledge of God. Right now we are experts in knowing God the way that we have always known Him. Although there is
nothing wrong with knowing Him the way that we have, it doesn't end there. If we think that we have gotten as deep as knowing Him gets, we are sorely deceived.”

The Shepherd’s Rod, Bob Jones.


Have you ever been with people who are exposed to present truth, to life in the Spirit and the reality of new covenant dynamics. But they are blind and deaf to what they are experiencing. They continue to plod on in the bog of their aberrant. Beliefs that if not ‘another gospel’ are at least a serious perversion of the apostles doctrine. Subtle pride and a smug assumptions that we ‘know it all’ can give us eyes that do not see and ears that cannot hear. In the meantime the Kingdom of God advances without us.

‘Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear’ Jer 5.21 NIV.

We need to be adventurous enough to accept the possibility that what we think is truth may be just plain wrong.

God is both ever becoming and always the same. The Ancient of Days is neither static or stagnant. The Spirit of God is always moving, always alive and ever fresh. With Christ as our life we are new every morning because He is resurrection and life. One we had an old covenant. Now we have the new. The old was a function of the knowledge of good and evil. The new is Christ our life. The old was quid pro quo between God and man. The new is a gift. Today we have life because we have been given a life in God; placed in the Father by Jesus who Himself is our life.

Jesus is spirit, light and life. He is the truth. He is the way to the Father. He is more than the means to our intimacy with God. He is our intimacy. We advance into greater degrees of life by following Him. Are you a follower?