Some folks don’t like theology. Probably the same folks who don’t like doctrine. Both are the means and never the end. The point of sound doctrine is not doctrine itself. It is being right about God. And about us. Yet this is not even it. It’s being one with God.


God is not only bigger than His book. He is superior to His book, which is to say the book is subordinate to Him. Theology, doctrine and the Bible, live and have their being in a living God who appeared among us as Jesus Christ. It takes a man and a woman to reflect the image of God. Truth in its most complete expression is never mere words. The true expression of God is seen in Jesus Christ. The full expression of God is the trinity.

If the truth about God is I AM it is also the truth about you. You are who you are as an expression of Jesus Christ. As an expression of God you are complete in your identity. You are the I AM as a daughter/son.


Correct theology aligns us with the Christ of God and His gospel of the Kingdom. This is important since there are ‘false christs’ and ‘other gospels.’ Sincerity does not stop us being tares.

Our theology is subordinate to God’s theology. The essence of His theology is Jesus Christ. God spoke the most clearly about Himself in Jesus, His Son. Jesus the living word and not the written word is the full expression of deity. The scriptures testify of Jesus. The summit of God’s teaching and His most accurate revelation is God’s display of Himself in Jesus Christ. The most complete expression of you is Jesus. You can attempt holiness as an expression of the law and look like a rib cage in the valley of dry bones. Then again you can invite Christ to be your life and be a person and a son of God.

Nevertheless it’s not about being a theologian. One need not be overly clever to live as a son of God. Humility puts us ahead IN liberation from addiction to our own ideas. This is the alpha of the spirit of sonship and also the omega: ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

If we do not live in God we will be trapped in a dualism. This is a dichotomized epistemology where essence is separated from being and life is abstracted from living. Leanne Payne explains this dilemma in ‘
Real Presence’ which is a reflection on the thoughts of C. S. Lewis of Christ’s incarnation in human beings. She shows that outside of God and in the knowledge of good and evil our ideal self stands apart from our being. These idealized projections take on a life of their own, rule over us and tyrannize us. Such is the myth of godliness in the realm of the knowledge of good and evil and the reason why it manifests as the law of sin and death. This is the reason why none who are joined to law and its progeny can live 0ut the Kingdom of Heaven.

Christ is either our life or we do not have life. Well not more than a few drops when there are rivers on tap.


Abraham was a Gentile. As yet there were no Jews. It was to Abraham that God made the promise, ‘In your seed will all the earth be blessed,’ Gal 3.8. Abraham was blessed and an instrument in God’s hand, not because he belonged to an ethnic group but because he believed God and walked in this obedience. The blessing would come in the person of Jesus Christ who would BE OUR LIFE PERSONALLY and the life of the world. New creation life would grow and flow because God would live in man and be His life and purpose.

‘In this new life, it doesn't matter if you are a Jew or a Gentile, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbaric, uncivilized, slave, or free. Christ is all that matters, and he lives in all of us’ Col 3.11 NIV.

A subtle heresy is the attempt to capture truth apart from God. We see this today when people obsess over specific elements of righteousness like ‘faith.’ These are never ends in themselves and always effects of our life in Jesus. Any ‘word’ used to justify the theme of a conference that is not soaked in the new covenant and out rootedness in God did not come from Him. That’s only basic discernment.

We get more of everything when Jesus is our life. A conference whose purpose is to give attendees ‘more faith’ is religious. But not Kingdom. What Christians need is not more faith. We need to live in the incarnation as the expression of the trinity. This apriori to the Spirit and the gifts and signs. These are a function of the incarnation which is our new covenant union with God.


Earnest efforts to secure union with God are misguided. You are already one with God. Just live from where He has positioned you.

Paul nailed it when He spoke of Christ our life. In Christ we are united to God in His fullness. Attend conferences where this is not so and you will be blind people led by blind guides.


We need more Jesus as our life rather than as an addition to religion. Religion separates the being of God from the person of god and His incarnation in us. It replaces His person with the abstraction and has people living from the jug instead of the wine. Good theology is about redeeming our concepts of God from our sin and our fallenness. Good theology undoes the work of the father of lies and places us in our Father who is in heaven and in us.

Separationist theology is a manifestation of anti-christ.

Only the Father knows the Son and the Son the Father. Holy Spirit knows both, is in both and with both. In Jesus we are in God and He in us. It is this union that connects us with life, revelation, purpose and the heart of God. This is a state of being – a union with God by the One Spirit. This is why mere Bible studies will will not produce the life of God. ‘Knowing’ comes from union and union is of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

‘May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven’
Matt 6.10 NLT.

When we speak of the atonement we are talking of more than a judicial status. To couch atonement in terms of law alone is a grossly reductionist position that can rob us of life and leave us stultified in ‘the letter.’ Atonement takes place in the inner being of God where we are drawn into the intimacy that is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is never an abstraction but a dynamic relationship that overflows with life and the light of the heavenly family. Atonement means we are one with this Family and part of it’s freedom and joy. Not on account of our own efforts but because God has always been for us.

From reflections on Trinitarian Conversations: grace Communion International.