Religious idolaters don't recognize their idols as such. On the contrary, part of their religious strategy for getting life is to contrast their
"true" beliefs and ethical behaviors with the idols to which secular people
cling. But as a matter of fact, religious idols are just as idolatrous as
secular ones. Indeed, this is the most prevalent and enslaving forms of
idolatry throughout history.

From the perspective of those inside religion, getting life from the
rightness of one's beliefs and the purity of one's behavior looks much
better than getting life from things such as money, pleasure, and prestige.
But in fact, people are not closer to the true source of life because their
idols look better from their own perspective. The sociopathic husband
who mimicked good behavior is no closer to genuine love than the
uncaring husband with bad behavior. Another way of saying this is that
even the truest beliefs and the most righteous deeds are devoid of any
value unless they arise out of a fullness of love (1 Cor. 13:1 – 3).

Gordon Boyd in ‘Repenting of Religion.’

Father offers more than morality in Jesus. He offers light. Unless we are able to love,
We walk in darkness and not in light or life. We don't know the truth and are not in it if we are not in God and we are not in God if we are separated from Jesus. The knowledge of good and evil is a barren tree.

Whether or not we are Believers we are separated from Jesus and the Father if we are living in anything that is not Jesus. Like the law. Is religion our life? Is church what we worship. Do we have an identity in our denomination that competes with our identity in Jesus?
Do we suppose ourselves to be moral arbiters yet fail to see that the world system is unjust and unfair? There are environmentalists who are unwittingly more spiritual and attuned to God that your average church-going capitalist. Jesus said ‘There are sinners going into the Kingdom instead of you.’
The kingdom as opposed to religion is a place of the observable authority of God. His authority is seen in the exhibition of love. But there comes a time when it is also witnessed in judgment.