The key factor of the new testament is the incarnation. The primary importance of Pentecost is not initially the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is the Gift of the Spirit of Christ as our life.

The amazing thing about the Son of God is not only that He came among as a human being. It is that He retains His humanity in heaven. The Son of Man is seated in authority with our Father. There is a human being in the trinity. One of the trinity is both God and one of us. How good is that!

In Trinitarian Conversations we find,

We are the lost and wandering sheep, we're the prodigal children and feel that we've wandered way outside of the Father's grace and care. But the good news in the incarnation is that our Father loved us so much that he sent his Son all the way into the world, all the way into our humanity where we are.

[He was] sent to find us in our lost and forsaken condition and to join himself to us in the midst of our brokenness, our lostness and to heal us from within.

He didn't just come to tell us that we ought to be better, he didn't even come just with news that God sort of likes us, he came to say, "I love you so much, I will become what you are and heal that from the inside out by joining it to myself, by cleansing it, by offering to God the obedience that you owe to him but you can't give on your own.

I will do that from inside your humanity. I will live the relationship of love and fidelity that I have with my Father from all eternity, I'll do that now from within your midst, and if you are then joined to me partaking of me, you can have that intimacy too."

I have met people who cannot make head nor tail of Romans 8 and our life in the Spirit. But the meaning is clear. Christ’s life is our life because He lived our humanity. Now, by the Spirit He lives His humanity in us and we are His life.