Paul's primary way of dealing with a church problem is to give God's people a stunning unveiling of Jesus Christ. For Paul Jesus Christ is the solution to all problems. And any problem that a Believer or a church has can be juiced down to one common denominator: They have lost sight of Christ. Or to put it in Paul's words, they stopped "holding fast to the Head" (Col. 2:19,KJV).

The Colossians thought they could graduate beyond Jesus Christ. They took Him as their Lord and Savior, but they felt that they could go beyond Jesus to higher and deeper things. And what Paul does in this amazing letter is he pulls back the curtain and gives the Colossian Christians a staggering view of their Lord. A view that boggles the mind and enraptures the heart. A view that leaves us absolutely breathless. A view that no false doctrine can stand in the presence of.

Frank Viola in
Epic Jesus.

What more can be said? All life, all love, all human structures that are life-giving were created by Jesus and redeemed by Jesus. Any social entity like marriage, the family and the church can be resurrected when Jesus Himself becomes our life.

Let's not offer anything to non-believers if what is ours is disease and death. When we as the church make Jesus our life people will see in us His resurrection and life. When they see that we have living water people will want what we have been drinking. Drink deeply of Jesus and He will multiply Himself in you and through you.