There are two important revelations Jesus is giving to the church today. They are both linked and are both sides of the one coin, or put more correctly, both elements of our inheritance as sons. One revelation is the relevance of the new covenant as the new and living way of salvation and sonship - what is in fact the only way to the life of the Kingdom for Believers.

The other revelation is the the glory of the Father, His tenderness and love for humanity and our place in the Father that as our real home. Jesus is in fact the alpha and omega of our Father in spirit and in truth. With Christ as our life this is our life in everyday living. We live in the Father. Are joined to the Father. We are who we are in the Father and we write our chapter in the saga of existence as Father's sons. We can enter this or we can continue in random acts of religion.

What follows is an account of the new covenant explaining what it is and what it is not. The new covenant is not listed in the new testament as a list like the Ten Commandments for one simple reason. It is not a list. It is a life - the life of Jesus as your life.

This account is found in the book by Stephen Crosby, REVISING REVIVAL: A NEW COVENANT PERSPECTIVE.

The new covenant is not a continuation of the old with the help of Jesus. Neither is it 'a theology' or an interpretation of the Bible. It is in fact the 'apostles doctrines' and more. It is what heaven has achieved on behalf of earth. One can theologize it away on account of religion, obstinacy or because one thinks one has some special revelation, but to ignore or attempt to subvert it for any reason to s to build one's house on sand. Here it is in a nutshell. The old covenant enjoins us to obey and live. The new covenant invites us to live and obey.



OC: Uncertainty: "if you will, then I (God) will;" conditionality.
NC: Assurance (Romans the whole book, esp. Chapter. 8; Hebrews).
OC: If my people; God acts responsively to conditions met.
NC: Because of my Son; God initiates and secures; all conditions have been met in Christ.
OC: Inhabited praises.
NC: Inhabited hearts.

OC: Sin is covered by blood.; sin is still present.
NC: Sin is purged, washed, removed by blood..
OC: If they humble themselves and pray. How much humility is
required? How much prayer is required?
NC: Faith in Christ is the ultimate act of humility. Humility is the
outworking of a life given, not an acquired virtue to merit life.
OC: Seek my face; God's face is hidden.
NC: The face of God in Christ Jesus is no longer hidden but open and
accessible (2 Corinthians 3-4). It doesn't have to be sought. We've
been found of Him. There are no references in the New Testament to
"seeking God" in the sense of finding a God who is hidden or
withholding Himself.

OC: Turn from wicked ways in order to release benevolence.
NC: Peace on earth, benevolence; unmerited good will toward humanity has been released in the incarnation of Jesus Christ apart from any contributing human action. God's good will has been released on humanity, even the rebellious (Psalm 68).
OC: If you obey, I will forgive you.
NC: I have forgiven you; now walk in obedience.
OC: God's Spirit is upon His people, and comes and goes.
NC: God's Spirit is within His people, in union with their spirit and
abides forever.