The pursuit of Jesus does wonders for our relationship with God and His presence in us. The fact is that He pursues us. God in Christ pursued the human race with the view to guaranteeing the original plan - which has always been for humans to participate in the fellowship of the trinity and the life of God that is heaven. Bill Johnson is right when he talks of heaven invading earth. Since the return of Jesus in the Spirit at Pentecost heaven has come in you!

As a leader you can do better than fulfil a role as the manager of an institution. Your role is to confirm people into relationship with the One Mediator of all life.
As a member of a community you can do better than live in dependency as a religious consumer. You have the potential of life to the full. There is more to dwelling in lockstep with a churchy conformity. You have a uniqueness that is released only and entirely by a personal Jesus through your person. The life of God flows into you through the Spirit of Jesus. There is no substitute for this. Church membership on its own is not up to producing a life that is personal, intimate and Jesus. Only you and Jesus together can do this. If you are living from a churched life you may be living from the shadow rather then the reality. The reality is Christ.
Institutionalised religion is incapable of representing the gospel of the Kingdom and the new creation. Why? Because the His church and the Kingdom of God is never of the letter and always of the Spirit - the Spirit of Chris in you and as you.

Yet intimacy itself is not something we must strive for by good works. We have this now irrespective of how successful or not successful we are at beating sin and bearing with others who are quite frankly ‘horrible.’

There is a church that is man and a church that Jesus has built. The latter is the sharing of Himself with those who desire Him. Christ our life is His Church and His Kingdom in the world.

Kriston Couchey writes, ‘Jesus Christ is the revelation of the Father. If you are in Christ then you can expect that the Father is revealing himself personally to you. If you are not seeing and knowing more of the Father and his heart for mankind and His perspective then you may want to question whether you are in Christ, a teaching, or simply following a Christian leader.’