As one devil said to another, ‘Lets give them a life in Christ that is really a life in themselves.’ The other devil smirked and said, ‘LOL.. We will undo them and do ourselves a lot of good.’

We live the authority of Jesus when we take up our inheritance as sons by living in God’s Son. As we agree that
His life is our life we receive all that is His, including His union with His Father who becomes His Father and our Father. I have come to the view that most of the weakness of the church comes from a failure to live in the authority and richness of our new covenant provision of Christ our life. Too frequently we dilute this and dumb it down to mean Christ helping me live my life or getting Christ to empower what we have already decided to do in our churches.

I have seen that a Kingdom of Heaven Culture cannot grow out of a law/old covenant culture. What starts in the Spirit inevitably stagnates, becomes inert, confused and just dies. Holy Spirit lives and acts to have us live in our inheritance; that which God has provided in His Son. If we are unfortunate enough to have had our spiritual formation take place in a legalistic sect there is much to be undone. But be undone it must if we are not to remain children of the slave woman chained in the stocks of law, regulation and impotence.

If we have lived our life from the church, thinking that somehow this activity is the Christ, our spirit will be dulled and we will by no means be all we can be as sons brimming with the Spirit of Life. Many churches live in an old covenant/new covenant mixture that constantly has us striving to acquire what is already our possession. While some Christians are attempting to live in dead works other are striving to find life in supernatural works, manifestations and the anointing. These have their place but they are a function of our rootedness in Father – not a passport or substitute for the union with God that is already ours. A young pastor once announced in his sermon that manifestations and signs are not intimacy with Christ. He is right. They are not. They are not even a life in Him. But they flow best when we are part of Him, as we are when we are the Bride who came out of Jesus’ Side.

Jesus is not supreme in all things if we are living from the law, from performance or from churchianity and religion. He is supreme when He Himself is our life in the Spirit of Sonship.

Nick Vasillades writes,
“Despite its title [Understanding the New Testament Prophet] by Stephen Crosby, this invaluable book is really about the centrality and supremacy of
Jesus Christ in all things. If we can get that primary matter straight, then order, health, and wholeness (and whole lot more) can be restored to both individual believers and the Body of Christ at Large. The gifts were given to the church that we all may attain to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Jesus Christ. But these gifts have become self-existing entities apart from the Lord and the inevitable misuse of them, particularly in the prophetic realm, has resulted in widespread confusion, distortion, damage, and even outright destruction amongst God's people. If you want to perpetuate the Charismatic dysfunction ubiquitous on the Christian Landscape, this book is definitely not for you.”