[Speaking of the path] "Yes, and all but one go to a place you do not want to
go. There are delusions, deceptions, distractions, and
traps all along the path. They are all there to divert you
from your purpose. It will take more discernment, more wisdom,
and more courage to stay on the right path than anyone has.

"Then how can I make it?" I asked.

"You will need help. You will need the Helper. You
will have to depend on Him and stay humble enough to
keep depending on Him.

Rick Joyner, Chapter 1,
'The Path.'


There are many paths but only One that is The Way. This is the new and living way that is the person of Jesus Himself.

If we are living from a kind of religious pragmatism in which we allow that Jesus has given us salvation but after that that the Lord helps those who help themselves, we will not remain long on the right path. Jesus is the way or the route. He is the life which means our transfigured self and the truth as our wisdom and revelation.

The Path of life is Jesus. It is revelation and discernment. It is doing what Jesus is doing now and being in alignment with the prophets, apostles, our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This is not so difficult when Jesus is our life rather than a
Christian Industry being our life. Try to extract life from your ministry and you will wither and die. Embrace Jesus as your life and your ministry will be alive with the life of heaven and you will know the way because the Way knows you!