The word [logos] has been translated into "word,"
"speech," "reason," "principle," "language," "logic,"
and "story." The Jewish philosopher Philo believed the
logos to be the bond of everything that held all
created things together. He taught that the
acted on behalf of God and was His instrument in
creating the universe.

With all of this as a backdrop, John came along and
announced that the Logos was God, the Logos was
with God, and the Logos created all things.

But the mind-blowing statement with which John followed
this up is, the Logos took on human flesh and became
a man dwelling among us!

The Logos is Jesus of Nazareth. He is the speaking
Word-God enfleshed.
Frank Viola in Jesus A Theography.


When Paul uses the words, ‘Christ your life,’ he is expressing again what he meant when he said, ‘In Him we live, move and have our being.’ The universe, the earth, the biosphere and society has its life, function and meaning in Jesus.

Jesus asserted that with His Father, He was ‘I AM,’ implying that we are when we are in Him. We have our real identity, we are whole, we find our true purpose and we are the sons and daughters of God when when our heart chooses to ‘eat Him.’

Paul also wrote that all things hold together in Jesus and writer of Hebrews tells us that Jesus created the earth. As a matter of fact all that is originated in the Father and poured itself out into reality through Jesus. The corollary of all this is that nothing is real or whole that does not proceed forth and come from Jesus.

When co-creating His Kingdom our starting point must always be Jesus. Things like the church, community, the apostolic and prophetic have no authenticity apart from Jesus. They have no reality apart from Jesus in us and us grounded and hidden in Jesus. Taking them as independent abstractions and obsessing over them, if they get off the ground at all establishes a structure with no foundation or eternal value. These things built with human hands serve only as a distraction and yet another diversion to sap life from the vulnerable. It’s a serious thing to use the name of Jesus in vain but an adventure to allow Him to multiply Himself through us.