God’s grace is a wonderful thing. It means that Jesus loves us as we are and not as we should be. Thus grace is the door to who we really are because it the way of holding us in fellowship with Father as we are ‘grown’ into the sons we actually in spirit and in truth.


Just as we can speak words that are something and nothing as a discourse because we are tied to the law, so our influence for the Kingdom can be something and nothing even though we are convinced that we are making a difference. Sure, we are making some changes but no expansion of the Kingdom of God. As old covenant persons we enhance only the world of Adam.


I listened to a show on the ABC on disability. A disabled Christian panel member expounded the truth that people with disabilities had an identity in God that was equal to that of the ‘abled’ Believer; that God received them and loved them as they were and they had a mission and a purpose in life that flowed out of their identity as they were. She knew that she would have her healing one day and that healing might not necessarily be hers in this life - even if Jesus did spend a lot of His time healing people. She noted that when Jesus heals, He always meets the need of the heart and what is best in the overall scheme of the disabled person’s life.

Let’s be clear. Salvation is about healing. The healing of our relationship with God and the healing of our relationship with self and others and the healing of our body.


Nevertheless this was a healed woman. While this woman’s body did not function as she willed, her being had been healed. She lived in the wholeness of her new covenant union with God. Not separated by law or contained in the half-life of Adam, she had entered into the fullness of her inheritance with God as a disabled person. The greatest evidence of non-healing is the habit of living in the parts instead of the whole. (As a Christian we can have whole bodies and a crippled being because we live in the darkness of ‘another gospel).

She and Father were one. Thus she lived in a sense of peace and wholeness that many people with healed limbs have never attained.


When Jesus asked crippled people what they wanted Him to do for them they answered, ‘I want to be made whole.’ Whether we receive our healing now or at the resurrection is not the main thing. What Jesus is about is our healing into ‘wholeness.’ Salvation is more than sins acquitted and ‘going to heaven.’ Salvation is the healing of the soul and very much
the healing of the eyes.

Jesus healed people because He loved them and as a sign that He was The Way to our Father. Also as a sign for the healing of the world. But the healing of the world comes not from the gifts and the anointing. Healing into wholeness comes from our healing from separation. The ground of all healing, wholeness and sonship comes from the accomplishment of God: Our union with Him.

Jesus has healed our Father wound.

We have been made whole because we have been made one with God. The separation that was ours in Adam has been undone and we have what Jesus had: We and our father are one. This is the fundamental cause of our healing as persons – the healing of our being. In Jesus we have been interwoven with ‘wholeness.’
Jesus healed many people. Christ’s healing occurs today. In our time people have been raised from the dead. But these are signs that testify of Father’s healing of our separation from God, our separation from ourselves and our separation from each other. Should we be attempting to live in Adam instead of in Jesus we are not reborn and
our being is diseased.
It follows that conferences on the gifts of the Spirit, the anointing and healing may not be the most important thing for some communities. Not when our entire being remains unwhole and unhealed – unhealed because we have not stepped into our union with God. But have contained ourselves in the mindset of the law and old covenant. Jesus healed many lepers. It’s clear that this disease, with its disintegration of the body symbolised our state of our being in separation from God. Jesus touched them and MADE THEM WHOLE. His touch for all Believers unites us with God to bring wholeness to our spirit soul and body.
Jesus heals eyes and limbs. I have seen this in India many times. He starts here because the healing is a sign – A sign that I have healed your eyes and now I am going to heal your relationship with Me and heal your being.
The Plan has always been to interweave the being of God with our being as persons and as the church.
It’s not Christ’s plan to focus on the anointing, the gifts and healing, yet ourselves remain fundamentally unhealed and unwhole. This is why the new covenant is important. It’s about the undoing of Adam and the establishment of all of us in Christ – with the result that Jesus Himself becomes our life and we become incarnated with the trinity.

The Spirit comes, not so we can do a bunch of supernatural tricks. Holy Spirit comes to reveal the Christ, clarify what God has done in Jesus and establish us as who we are as sons and daughters of God. The gifts and the works of power are not a thing in themselves. They flow out of the healing of our separation from God. They are a function of the fact that we and Father are one. We become whole and we minister the gifts competently when we live from Christ’s gospel of the Kingdom and not from mindsets of separation.
‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. This is the alpha and omega of healing – healing in spirit and in truth.