The word
stunning fails to adequately describe her. She is as beautiful as the
face of God. She is beyond captivating. She is hypnotic and magnetic. Most of us
have never imagined the glory that she carries. Just a glimpse of her matchless
beauty could win your heart and possess your being. She is incurably attractive.
This woman defines
liberty; she embodies freedom. And she was made for love.
She stands at the very heartbeat of God's eternal purpose. She is His highest
passion. His holy obsession, even. She is the purpose of the very creation wherein
you and I stand. And your Lord is
out of His head in love with her.

From Eternity To Here, Frank Viola.

This paragon of God’s glory is the Bride of Christ, the new Eve who comes from the side of Jesus. She is the one who reflects His glory; who is part of Him and who compliments Him because she is His wife.

How different to the crippled bunch of juveniles that is the reality of many sectors of Christ’s church. – the church that is often ‘brand church’ and that illustrates the sad results of living from church instead of living from Jesus.

When Christ is our life we begin to take on the glory that is described above. When the church is the church of Jesus rather than the church of
me and my needs, we will see the glory of the Bride. This is the Bride who has one husband rather than a plethora of lovers; who is Jesus rather than a bunch of ersatz mediators, supervisors and conformity mongers marketing some version of church and attempting to coral the naïve into some new arrangement of the flesh.

The church Jesus builds without human hands is glorious because the Bridegroom is glorious. When Christ our life appears in the church we will be like Him.

For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory’ Col 3.3,4 NIV.