Kriston Couchey

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called
sons of God.


The peace of God’s presence is the mightiest weapon there
is against the fear and unrest the enemy sows among men.
It is our Father Himself in whose presence evil flees.
Jesus gave us this peace that the world cannot give or
understand, and those who are His sons bear it. For His
sons are peacemakers and where they go the peace of God
goes. Because where they go the presence of the Almighty

The Spirit of God is expressly speaking that the time is
NOW for His body to come into unity of mind, heart, and
purpose. There is only one source of unity in the body of
Christ; God’s presence that is manifest by His peace and
results in peace between brothers. Unity does not come by
doctrine, church leadership, or any other external order;
ONLY by Holy Spirit in the bond of the peace.

Efforts of men have failed to bring about the unity of
Spirit among those claiming the name of Jesus. The wisdom
and works of men in the name of peace have only built
Babylon and its systems that enslave men. Many live under
the false pretense that correct doctrine unifies them. I
have been guilty myself of dividing and uniting under the
banner of correct doctrine. Thankfully our unity is not
found in doctrine, but in Holy Spirit. Father in His
great mercy is bringing to bear the peace of His presence
to deliver His own. His abiding peace is the measure of
whether we are unified around a doctrine or ONE in and
with Him.

We are leaving the age of the diaspora of truth and
authority (competing doctrines and divisions) and coming
into the age of ONE expression of the mind and heart of
God; His mind, His heart, His purposes expressed in His
people. When the full measure of the stature of Christ is
revealed in us; our minds and our hearts will be revealed
as His, and the kingdom of God is made manifest to all
men. The kingdom of God is simplistic at its core; it is
God's will being done through the agency of man. And
through the agency of man the fullness of God in Christ
will be manifest to all creation.

We will see a move of the Spirit like never before when
the revelation of Christ in us removes any need for us to
defend what He is doing, or be critical of those who
oppose what He is doing... His emphasis on grace in these
days has been preparing us to be conduits of a grace and
love toward men that is above and beyond what we have
ever known. A love that brings peace on earth and good
will to men; not just a feeling of peace, but a peace
that shakes the powers of the earth.

Isa 9:7 Of the increase of his government and peace there
shall be no end…

Years ago I received a word from Father. He said “One day
the Israelis will gladly share their land with the
Palestinians”, a sign that peace and reconciliation of
God’s kingdom and presence had come. Yet I still meet
some Christians who believe Palestinians are the
Amalekites of the Old Testament and should be killed.

Because of the evil done by men it is hard to see things
from God’s perspective, and we can easily pass judgment
from our own perspectives because of the offense and
horror of evil. But, reconciliation is the heart of God,
and if the kingdom is to come upon earth as it is in
heaven it includes all people groups. His kingdom is
practical, it is real, and it changes history.


The Spirit of God has spoken clearly that for us to do
the greater works with the sovereign presence of God
moving in and through us we must allow His Love to deliver
us from the judgments we pass upon others regardless of
the evil they have done.

I have been clearly spoken to by Father that wherever I
continue to pass my own judgments I abdicate any
authority to release the peace of the presence of God in
those places. He wants to manifest the peace of His
presence sovereignly through His sons, but their
judgments keep Him from doing so.

We are called as peacemakers; in other words: those who
carry the peace of His presence into places where there
is no peace. This includes the great divisions and
competing doctrines in the church AND the war torn world.

We have a choice, carry the peace of the presence of God
or our own judgments. Letting go our judgments allows
true judgment to come forth. When man’s acceptance or
rejection of us is no longer because of personal
judgments, they condemn or exonerate themselves by
accepting or rejecting Him, not a judgment we have made
against them.

Many people speak of a great move of God greater than in
all the moves in history. We cannot do what we've always
done and expect different results. The Spirit is speaking
clearly. God desires to flood the earth with the peace of
His presence as we His peacemaker’s go forth with God’s
love for man and hearts free of judgment towards men.

This move we desire is the Sons of God being revealed as
peacemakers (Matt. 5:9) bringing the peace of His
presence which destroys and judges all bondage and evil.
His peace brings the fall of Babylon, His peace brings
the destruction of religion. This overwhelming peace of
His presence unifies His people and delivers and saves
the lost and brings freedom... His peace and the
revealing of His peacemakers is a sign that the KINGDOM

In His Peace
Kriston Couchey
One of the chosen foolish and weak