“Those coming here now are like an army that does not even know how to
hold their weapons, much less use them. Even those who have been leaders of thousands who show up here are weak, with minds that have
not been renewed. They are worldly, foolish, an not prepared even for this
journey, much less for what is coming upon the earth," he lamented. "I'm sorry. I'm as guilty as anyone, but what can we do about it?" I asked.

Rick Joyner,
The Path.

This reminds us of the vision of the three armies. Two were led by generals with cardboard weapons. And the armies fowled the land. The armies are a picture of officials lacking God’s authority together with the destructive results of laboring in the flesh.

Dead works can produce much religious product but are seen by Jesus as polluting the earth with iniquity – a subtle form of death. So much for christianity as an industry.

There is nothing complex about Kingdom life. It is Jesus. It is Christ in us, so lived because Jesus and not the ‘
jesus stuff’ is our life.

Joyner’s vision and book is about Forerunners, people who are looking for more than the lifeless razzamatazz of institutionalism and its consumer oriented religion. Another name for those who have joined together in the bush to seek The Path might be called the wise virgins. Wise because they are accumulating oil and virgins because they are wholly betrothed to Christ.

It’s not hard to build communities out of a big personality plus spiritual nothingness. Not if what you offer is a religious version of the world system. The un-renewed mind can attract un-renewed hearts by the million. But Jesus is looking for communities in which He is King and the people in them are the manifestation of His life. These are those who reign with Him and who multiply His life.