We place ourselves in a parlous spiritual position when we assume that we already have the truth and know what we need to know. The knife of the Spirit does not attend those with a partial commitment to truth. Our burden will be that we cannot separate religion from the Presence. This also pertains to our ability to perceive truth, reject error and be drawn into increasing revelation. A partial commitment to truth leaves us with poor discernment and inert. We have a dim appreciation of what God is doing now which leads to stagnation and wandering in the wilderness.

If we are among those who reject the new or the freshly re-stated every time it does not agree with our opinions we cannot know the truth that sets us free. We remain bogged in an addiction to substitutes for God that leave us almost alive while denying us genuine life. An honest commitment to the real as opposed to the familiar opens us to the wisdom and revelation of Jesus. Such a motivation will enable us to experience the THE REALITY THAT IS CHRIST.

Unless we are filled with the real presence of God and not substitutes and look-a- likes we cannot see the Kingdom of God or reproduce it.

When we speak about incarnation and seek to live in this reality we need to understand that the lesser is always incarnated by the greater. Christ has come in our flesh. We are sons of God but we are not God.
The Spirit of God is in the scriptures that He inspired Godly men to write. They testify of Jesus. But Jesus does not testify of them. Don’t treat the words of God as if they are God. They are not deity. But they illuminate our path when read through the Jesus lens because they are God-inspired. Read in this mode they multiply the wisdom and revelation of God.

Our gospel is not the gospel of the Kingdom is not just because we are sincere or well meaning. It has kingdom life and authority when Christ is our life and we act in His Spirit. If not by might (hard work) applied in the old testament it is even more applicable today when the spirit is the mode and expression of the Kingdom of Christ as you.

A reflection on The Healing Presence by Leanne Payne.