“Jesus has united human life, the life of God, the life of heaven and earth in Himself” (1) If we are not double-minded, or stagnating in our own personal gospel or the culture of received religion in our denomination, we can avail ourselves of this life directly. It is not somewhere else. He is in us and with us and we are in Him. The Gospel of the Kingdom is for more cogent and present than any ‘gospel’ that comes by way of the marketers of religion. It is immediately available as Christ in you.

We can live out of lives playing ‘blind man’s bluff,’ bluffing ourselves that there is no elephant in the room and denying the truth that we have mis-managed our opportunities to advance into the truth of where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and contented ourselves with the tid-bits of manna that come to us by way of the Lord’s grace. Yet never have we feasted at the table of the Lord’s Banquet where we stuff ourselves with Him and live because of Him. Rather we use Jesus as a condiment to add to our long dead body of death that we call ‘our perspective.’

We have merely hidden in our elementary school identity and failed to advance into the adulthood of our new covenant role of kings and priests. Sure we can drum up a following but in choosing to remain an egg we have never become the eagle that we really are.

If you are looking for an identity in Christ, you are ready for continual revelation – a continuous revealing of the wonder of Father, the vicarious humanity of Jesus and the ever-present ministry of Holy Spirit into your life.

If you are satisfied with the identity you have in your community or denomination and basically live to maintain and prop up that identity – you will not enjoy the continued revealing of God and you will not enjoy the unveiling of yourself. Rather you will maintain yourself in the capsule in which you have chosen to exist – reaching for solutions to prop up your present identity, but finding not that are potent because you do not realise that in the life you are living now you are only half alive which means ‘half-dead.’ Truly it may be said. The dead know not anything – anything that is of spirit and life and the fullness of the spirit of sonship. Pursuant to all this Richard Rohr writes of one of the surfaces encountered by The Sower.

“Normally we let God in the way we let everything else in. We meet God at our present level of relational maturity: preoccupied, closed, stuck, or ready. Most spiritual work is readying the student. Both soil and soul have to be a bit unsettled and loosened up a bit. As long as we’re too comfortable, too opinionated, too sure we have the whole truth, we’re just rock and thorns.” (2)

  1. (1) Paraphrased from J Baxter Kruger’s book, Patmos.

(2) Rohr, Richard. Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer (p. 38). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.