At the same time that God is sovereignly, by the invasion of His consuming love, bringing together men and women in perfect oneness with God and with one another, there is a major separation taking place as well. The same pure love that unifies also divides. In the pure love of God there is power and authority. It is not an authority of men or over men; it is supernatural authority of Christ inherent in the love of God by the Holy Spirit. The authority of love is feared and despised by all other authority that is not rooted in the love of God. This and other things cause people to rise up against the current move of God and those who are receiving it.
Ron McGatlin in
The End of This Age.

The unity of God comes from the Father in heaven. It flows through Jesus and is mediated into the spirits of Godly men and women by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in and with us mediates the Father, Son and Holy Spirit among us and in us. Thus we are indwelt by heaven. In Christ the manual labourer, the craftsman, the intellectual and the men and women of science and commerce are not divided by their mind-sets and class consciousness. They are made one by the Father of all and the Spirit of the Son of Man binding all together in His humanity and divinity.

Those who have not experienced deep, unconditional love will experience this from God and from the presence of their brothers and sisters in whom Jesus lives. God is love. Jesus is the living embodiment of that love. The Holy Spirit is the agent who indwells our being enfolding us in the love of God and transforming us so that God is not only love. His daughters and son are love. Such love will witness to His glory and draw into Jesus the love-deprived people of the world. With Jesus as our life, Jesus will be lifted up to be glorified in His people. This is the only true community. Compared to this, every mechanical variety is a mirage and a counterfeit.

'And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself' John 12.32 NIV.