‘In a very real sense, there has never been a separation between Heaven and
earth - except in the enmity of our own minds caused by sin (Col. 1:21-22). We
have been obsessed with a separation that doesn't exist from His perspective. A
separation He has dealt with once and for all - even before it happened.
Bad theology produces bad worldviews. And such worldviews have caused all
sorts of destruction throughout the centuries. The incarnation flies in the face of
the Greek dualism that has shaped many of our ideas about theology, science,
politics and life itself. Dualism essentially makes a separation between "natural
world" and "spiritual world." Visible and invisible. Mind versus matter. Spirit
substance versus material container. This stuff infected the ideas of the early
Church from the beginning.’
[But it does not have to infect you!]

John Crowder in
Cosmos Reborn.

Dualism is the mind-set and the
epistemological framework of those who remain in the knowledge of good and evil.

The religious person, particularly the one still living from law and viewing his world through the old covenant lives in dualism. There’s God and then there is him. There is God stuff and there is her. Their world is bisected and their being cut in two by the knowledge of good and evil in which they remain. They remain here despite the fact that Jesus was killed on the tree that began it, turning this fell tree into the tree of life – the Vine to which we are joined as the branches.

Adam is dead. Hopefully he is not alive in you.

The Vine is the Heavenly Family. They are the tree of life. The branches are the sons and daughters of God made one in Christ, living by the One Spirit in God and alive and one with the universe and its maker because Christ is their life.

This is
the being of the mature sons and daughters of God; those who have come out of the darkness of Adam into the Light that is Jesus. We don’t walk in light if we are still in Adam. We walk in confusion, contradiction and artificial distinctions that are the knowledge of good and evil. Thus as a tithe payer we might give a tenth, but never our entire self. We might keep a Sabbath but deny Him our life. We might be circumcised yet we live for ourselves.

We cannot escape this if we are attempting Godliness in the law. Our vision is sullied and our minds confused if we are living from a performance mind-set. Jesus was one with the Father. Today we are one with the Father when Jesus is our life. We are potentially one with Him when He is not our life except that we cannot access our inheritance from our perspective. We need to live in His!

Live in God’s version of events and you will live in the Father of life. Live in your own or that of religion and you may well live out the illusions of the father of lies.

In dualism there is Jesus and then there is this religious stuff you believe you must do. But there’s another way, a new and living way. As
the one new man, the man who is one, there is Jesus who is doing His thing transforming you to Himself. How? He is your life.

By setting aside in his flesh the law with its commands and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new humanity out of the two, thus making peace’ Eph 2.15 NIV.