There are many distortions of the new and living way. In one the old covenant is lived with Jesus’ help. Most annulments of the cross and its power are found in this misapprehension of what God as done for us in Christ. Similar to this is the culture of institutional Christianity – a knowledge of good and evil under the umbrella of ‘What Christians must do.’ Many Believers have leaned to live in this life that is not the life of God. This is a culture of ‘try harderism.’
The result is that they are sons and daughters in theory but not in practice.

Another dilution of new creation living is the supposition that now we have seen Christ and beheld the love of God in Him, we will love God. We will now love Him so much that we will keep the law and do all those things that we church-goers are socialized to expect to do as ‘good Christians.’ If only. This too is not the gospel of the Kingdom. None of us have that kind of resolve and all of us are prone, when the chips are down, to love what we are intent on doing more than we love Jesus. Love for Jesus is something we cannot work up. But we can cultivate His person and His life as our life.

In actual fact obedience and performance are not the bottom line. Law is not the bottom line. But the love and capability of God is more than sufficient.

Being drawn into God is
the new and living way that we can agree to. Connected to Father, through Jesus, we partake of His love, His life and His purpose for us. Seated in Father’s heart we live in our identity and the things we are constrained to do, by the Spirit of Sonship alive in our being – because His Spirit is in us and manifests as us.

Now in spirit and in truth we manifest the glory of God. Because we are the sons and daughters of God expressing Him and ourselves in the world of family and work. Drawn into the presence of God we become who we are: Living stones in His house and the multiplication of His Son in the world. This is so because Christ is more than the means to life. He is our life. In beholding Jesus we see who we are. Note well what follows.

“Whatever obedience is required of us, we already have the obedience of Jesus to empower us. I don't have to be obedient in order to be accepted by Jesus. By the Holy Spirit I'm brought into the life of Jesus in his obedience - it empowers me, is the motive for my own. That's difference between simply preaching legalism and conditional obedience as to the grace of
Christ. The grace of Christ is not freedom from obedience, it's a gracious obedience given to us to empower us … Whatever is required of us by God, has been accepted and fulfilled by us by God himself on our behalf.”
From Trinitarian Conversation by Grace Communion, International.

‘When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.4 NIV.