This is a commentary on a video by Kriston Couchey entitled, ‘Anti-christ in The Temple.’ An anti-Christ spirit, he urges is an ‘instead of Christ spirit.’

Couchey speaks of his experience in a charismatic church that revolved almost entirely around the pastor. It was a one man show. Couchey noticed a warmth and a heaviness about it. The ‘warmth’ came from the persona of the pastor. But the heaviness arose from the quenching of the Holy Spirit in the rest of the church members. The effect, Couchey observes, was to nurture a spirit of anti-christ because all [assumed] expressions of the Spirit came from the pastor. The pastor’s monopolization of ‘hearing God’ dulled the presence of Jesus among the rest of the Believers.’

Have you ever attended a fellowship where there is no flow of life and you would have been just as well off had you remained at home and made yourself a cup of soup? There can be an absence of Christ’s presence in our assemblies for two reasons. One because of monopoly control and two because the person controlling lacks the spiritual authority to lead.

Couchey tells of a person who exerted authority that God had not given him. Should we act in authority that is not ours, we rob it from those to whom it belongs and in doing so rob God and quench the Spirit of Jesus. This gives opportunity for the Jezebel spirit to muffle the voice of the Lord in those He has set apart to enrich the people of God.

Anti-christ works through over the top authority and illegitimate authority. Don’t become Moses to people when Jesus lives to reveal Himself through all Believers.
Compelling people to do what is not of the Spirit quenches the Spirit.
Principalities can rule denominations through illegitimate authority figures and manifest their influence in those who remain attached to them.

Law mongering and personality worship are barriers to Christ’s presence in us.

Are we cutting  of the expression of Christ in His people through our stubborn connection to a church or denominational identity that is not Christ? The issue is this: Will you die to your tradition, to these authorities, identities and beliefs that are out of sync with Father’s new covenant life in Jesus? Will Christ be your life so that you and yours will walk in Kingdom authority?

‘I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy. I promised you to one husband, to Christ, so that I might present you as a pure virgin to him’ 2 Cor 11.2 NIV.