'Have you ever wondered why sometimes when someone is teaching something biblically true, imparting a “great revelation,” or trying to implement something biblically accurate, that the end result is often spiritual death? It doesn’t matter how “biblical” the topic is—authority, family, marriage, government, finance, honor, submission, leadership, “accountability,” repentance, forgiveness, revival, worship, prayer, etc.—or how great the revelation is. The animating power and spirit behind it makes the difference between life and death. It’s possible to be deeply “revelational” and biblically accurate in one’s doctrine and practice, and touch nothing of the life of Jesus in the process.'
Stephen Crosby in
Sword of the Kingdom.


Human beings are embodied spirits. A. W. Tozer assures us that the nature of persons is not a spirit inhabiting a body but a spirit with a body. This is why the solution to sin is not more knowledge, better knowledge or self-discipline. The solution is the Spirit of Christ; of Christ our life; of His Person incarnate in us and
becoming us. This is the fuller meaning of the Lord's Table. We eat Him! He enables us to live in the mode in which we were created to live: In God. The infilling of the Father burns out impurities and fills us with His life.

When Jesus is our life we are a life-giving spirit.

One of the curiosities I have observed is the lack of anointing on the sincere efforts of some who are doing their utmost for God; of some who know what it is to be Spirit filled and moving in the Spirit. These people are not cavalier or careless in their attempts to do well for God. They almost 'bust a gut' in their effort to do a good job. But there is no anointing in what they are doing. It's a tragedy. Tragic because they are not aware of
what is not happening and sad because the cloud of false doctrine around them ensures that their buckets seldom overflow with the supernaturally invigorating water of life that it the presence of Jesus. They can present Bible studies but not streams of living water.

When the Spirit of Christ ignites our spirit His life overflows our soul and body. Jesus literally comes in our flesh and lives in us. Living in the Son of God we release the life of the sons and daughters of God. The Spirit of Christ imparts His life. The flesh accomplishes nothing.

Education, prayer and Bible study are helpful. But a life in Christ is infinitely powerful.

An obsession with performance and law denies our new covenant life in Jesus. The old covenant leaves us in the knowledge of good and evil and the law of sin and death. Here we are under Satan's domain and under a curse. To live in the law and a performance mentality is to live a withered life. It implies we live in death and not life because we are on the wrong side of the cross. In Jesus Adam is dead. In Jesus we are alive with His life because He is our life. The infinite life of God bubbles up like an infinite spring because He is life Himself. In Christ you are too!