There is an obvious progression in the revelation of God for His people and an increase in His manifest Presence and glory. He meant it when He said, ''In the increase of His government and of peace there will be no end" (Isa. 9:7 NKJV). There has only been increase since those words were spoken. We have to adjust how we think and see to not only realize it but cooperate with what God is doing. Again it says of us, "But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full
day" (Prov. 4:18).

We should and must expect progress. That same verse is even more fun in the
Amplified. ‘But the path of the [uncompromisingly] just and righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines more and more (brighter and clearer) until [it reaches its full strength and glory in] the perfect day [to be prepared).’

Bill Johnson in
Hosting the Presence.

Ok. How much have we grown in the last ten years? We grow as humans when we are planted in the Father. Those who grow the most are those whose commitment to following Jesus is absolute. It will brook no barrier and no ifs and buts. Don’t expect to advance into fullness if we only accept that which already fits our mind-set or theology. Such people start well and end dormant.

‘We grow the most as we relinquish our life for that of Jesus.’ It’s not something we ‘do.’ It’s something we agree with.

Human beings are capable of infinite development. When joined to Father God as sons we are an extension of His unlimited possibility. Here as sons and not workers, rivers of love and life flow from our being. Now every tree we plant will be another variety of the tree of life, with our signature on it. What starts in the person of God as the enjoyment of the sonship that is ours becomes the Kingdom of God. This is His government and peace of which there is no end.

The Spirit of sonship and its manifestation as the new creation is the extension of the Father’s being in us. This is His extension as us as sons. There is nothing obscure about this. It is Christ in you. This is the everlasting gospel that was initiated before the foundation of the world.

‘There is no place where we stop as sons and daughters of God. Only endless becoming.’

Nevertheless some of us start bright and end dull. We begin with a flash and fade to a whimper. We strike a glass ceiling in the spirit that stifles our growth.

Why? Christ cannot become the life of God in us if we are still trying to draw life from things like Sabbath keeping, abstaining from artificial contraception or doing all those churchy things switched on charismatics are supposed to do like
finding keys and bringing yourself into alignment with god-things. The most extravagant releases of God’s supernatural life comes from rest. But we can’t rest when we are still working, still performing, still pursuing that intimacy with Jesus that is already ours. He is not only the way to intimacy with God. He is intimacy with God. Live in Jesus Himself and stop trying to make yourself a false christ.