"Anna, I am giving you an invitation to become an eagle of gold.
The great Eagle continued, "The golden eagle's nest is in heaven. The golden eagle does not even eat earthly food. It feeds above. The paper doll eagles
catch fish, kill
snakes, chase rabbits; but the eagle of gold
breathes the ether above. It does not seek after or eat
carrion. The golden eagle eats from the hand of God until
it looks and smells and is like Me - pure white.

There are many that
look like Me, but you must eat from the hand
of God to
be like Me." His eyes were aflame now. "Will you fly with Me, Anna,
over streets of gold? Will you fly with Me over lakes so
clear that the bottom is as the top? Leave the snakes, the
bugs, the rabbits running rabbit trails. Come with Me and
feed from the hand of God."

Anna Rountree in,
Heaven Awaits the Bride.

We can attempt an existence on dead flesh or we can eat Jesus. Those who eat Jesus will have a life that comes from Him. They have heaven's life bubbling from them because the eat His flesh and drink His blood. Golden eagles don't survive on the life of proxies. The eat and breathe Jesus.

Jesus offers Himself to all to be their life. By living in us He will release the life of heaven on earth. We can live in conformity’s iron lung because because we have chosen dependency. We can exist in a coma because we live in religion. Then again we can be alive in the Spirit of Jesus. When Jesus is our life we live in union with God. Here we soar in the heights and breathe out the life of heaven into earth.