Because the devil had no authority over Adam and Eve, all he could do was talk. He suggested that they eat the forbidden fruit, as it would make them like
God. And they listened. Adam and Eve tried to become like God, but they did so through disobedience. And that disobedience cost them what
they already had by design - Godlikeness.

When we try to get through human efforts what we already have by grace, we voluntarily placed ourselves under the power of the law.

This was the devil's attempt to get Adam and Eve to agree with him in opposition to God, thus empowering the devil, himself. Through agreement,
he is enabled to kill, steal, and destroy (see John 10:10). It's important to realize that even today Satan is empowered through our agreement.

Bill Johnson in
Hosting the Presence.


Today the devil has no authority over the Believer. Not when the Believer believes what God has set forth as His truth. The truth is that we are complete in Christ, that we are one with God in Christ, that all of this is by grace and that Jesus is our life.

Satan’s ploy has always been to trick us into giving up what we are by casting a net of lies. He has captured much of the church by getting them to define themselves as workers rather than sons. God has made Believers sons. But unbelieving Believers insist on defining themselves as workers by attempting to earn their credentials as sons by their own efforts. Some live overtly in the law of Moses while other live in a more subtle variation. They attempt to earn Father’s approval by being successful at all the things they believe Christians are meant to do.

When we agree with the devil we empower the devil and disempower ourselves. We become robbed of our authority to multiply what Jesus did. We are easily overcome by addictions and sins and we lose the confidence to bind Satan and his demons. All this because we are bound in law and performance.

But Jesus has set all captives free.

The power of the law and its works of performance separates us from the Father and absorbs us in ourselves. But our intimacy with Father is assured by Christ’s work and never by ours. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Sit in Father’s arms and absorb the sonship He gives you. This is your inheritance and the source of your authority over circumstances and the evil one.