'Self promotion reveals a basic delusion. It would be like the donkey Jesus rode into Jerusalem thinking all of the adulation was for it," the Voice continued.
"The same is true of churches, ministries, or any religious institution that builds on self-promotion for advancement. Those that have been built on self promotion
rather than by the Holy Spirit will be some of the most deadly enemies of the truth in these times. Such advancement is the opposite of the way of true
discipleship, the way of the cross, and this path that you are on now.'

Rick Joyner,
The Path.

Self-centeredness came from the fall and the view point of defining good and evil in relation to ourselves. Not surprisingly the abandonment of self is the chief work of the cross and and the reality of our resurrection life in Jesus. This is the essence of Galatians 2.20.

Recently I attended the funeral of a pastor who had found his identity and security in Jesus - not in what he did, what he achieved or in how others perceived him. As a result he lived a life of amazing freedom, fruitfulness and joy.

Jesus as our life is both a discipline and a Spirit - the spirit of Christ as our life and our continual practice of stepping into that life.

If you are a sincere disciple and minister of the gospel of the Kingdom, the Lord will present you with situations where you must declare to God and yourself that
it is not about you. People will receive the praise that belongs to you and you will encounter those who have positioned themselves in roles that belong to others but not to them. You will be blessed when you permit the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the degree of your own carnality, self-centeredness and even degradation. Reality is the door to victory and purity.

If you embrace Jesus in His humility and ask that His humility become yours, you will be greatly blessed. You will be liberated from anxiety and you will flourish as the person you were re-created to be. What is more you will nurture others because you will truly love them. There will also come a time when Christ will lift you up and place you as a living stone in His house - exactly where you belong.

'Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance' James 1.2,3 NIV.