Pr.Bernard and the gospel team during their ministry at Thiruvannamalai district, spent some time with the Lord seeking His guidance to visit a new village and take to the Gospel to the people there. As usual, the Holy Spirit strengthened and enabled the team to visit a new village called ‘Modipaatu’.

While praying for the ministry earlier in the morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to Pr.Bernard that there will open doors in the village and Church will be planted there. With that boldness and conviction, Pr.Bernard took the team along encouraging them to minister to the people there.

Yes, it was true, God really opened doors for the team to minister there as the people were very receptive and hospitable. After making some house visits, the team made some friends in the village and later kicked the gospel meeting off in a hurry. Many people were there at the meeting and it was great to see them listen to the Gospel very keenly while preached by Pr.Bernard.

The team will be planning on to make another immediate visit to the village to conduct another meeting and thereby plan to plant a Church in the village in the near future. It is good to make use of the time and the support of the local people to plant a Church there which is the need of the hour.
Pr.Bernard and the team really feel the urgency to minister to people in villages where there no Churches and plant Churches in a great urgency.
Pastor Bernardshaw, Ambattur, Chennai, India.

Our relationship with Jesus is personal not a generality. Ministry with Him follows His pattern - doing what He is doing now. Jesus will lead us personally through clear impressions, messages in dreams and visions. None need walk in the dark. Those following Jesus will never walk in darkness. To make Him our life and our mentor is to walk in amazing fruitfulness