‘The nearer we come to the presence of the person of the Father in heaven, the clearer our spiritual sight and our perception of spiritual realities become.’
Anna Rountree in
Heaven Awaits The Bride.

To remain in an old covenant mind-set is to remain separate from the Father. This is why remaining in the old covenant leaves us dim of perception and poor in discernment.

To know Jesus is to know the Father. Jesus is the way to the Father. None can come to the Father other than by Jesus. Thus all who put their trust in Jesus are welcome in the arms of Father God.

We are made alive in Father’s presence. One with Him we begin to flourish as sons and daughters – sons and daughters originating not from the earth but from the heart of our Father in heaven. Joined to the Spirit of God our spirit comes alive. We light up and shine the light of heaven into earth. In the Father we see as He sees and know as He knows. We love what He loves. This we do His will on earth and earth becomes as it is in heaven.