‘Believers who still live under this veil of the law are like the older brother. They hear the music and the dancing, and they don't understand it. They hear about
their Father's amazing grace, and they can't comprehend it. They read stories of lives transformed by grace, and they can't accept it. To them, God is all about keeping commandments, service, and obedience. Rewards should be meted out when right is done, whereas just punishment must be exacted on all who have transgressed. If that is you, I pray this veil of the law will be removed and that you will experience the Father's grace in a deep
and personal way.’

Joseph Prince,
The Power of Right Believing.


Irrespective of whether people believe in God or not the tenor of their lives is greatly affected by their mind-set. If our starting point is ‘surviving’ our life will be much different to those whose starting point is ‘abundance.’ A poverty mentality brings with it a sense of working to survive and with it a mean and narrow vision. An expectation of abundance promotes the flowering of the human spirit and a generous outlook. These attitudes can possess us despite our objective wealth or poverty.

Many Believers live in a love deficit because they live from wrong belief.

We are greatly blessed when we are living from an abundance of love and find ourselves rejoicing confidently in the expectation that where love is concerned, we will always have more than enough. Our hearts will be full and we will brim over with love for ourselves and for people who are mean and unloving. By living in limitless love we can
break the circle of un-love associated with the law and performance mongering. You already are loved unconditionally. Live from when God has placed you.

Criticism, meanness and judgmentalism do not flow from those whose hearts are sated with the love of Father God. They are at home. They
do not have to go anywhere or do anything.
They have an identity that is secure and they are loved without limit.