“The ultimate conflict of man is the one that began with the
first two brothers, and this began with the sacrifice. Cain
brought the fruit of his own works, and Abel brought the
blood from the sacrifice of the lamb.

This remains the point of all the conflict that has unfolded, and that will
soon culminate in the last battle. "You [addressed to the author] must do the same in your time that I did in my time. You must confront the false religions, the false worship, and all that is based on the works, sacrifices, and self-righteousness of men. You must confront it by standing on the works of God. The cross is your message. It is the banner that those who serve the Lord, and not just themselves, will gather under.’”

Rick Joyner,
The Path, Chapter 2.

I once read a book entitled ‘Prophets and Kings.’ It could be summarized in one sentence. ‘They should have tried harder.’ This is not the gospel of Christ. It is a false gospel of law and works.

The issue today is the issue that was in the beginning. Today it is will Believers live in God through His provision of Jesus or will Believers live in themselves and their works? Will Christ be their life or will they be their life?

Some remain stuck in the laws of Moses. Others move about sluggishly in the man-made expectations of institutional religion. But God lumps law, letter and flesh under the one heading: lawlessness. NONE FOR WHOM JESUS IS NOT THEIR LIFE CAN KEEP THE LAW. When Jesus is our life we live in grace, Spirit and in truth. We worship God. But no matter how noble we may imagine ourselves to be, when we live from our works we ignore Jesus in favour of ourselves.

The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness’ Matt 13.41, NASB.